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With over 30 years of combined roofing experience on your side, you know your roof is going to be magnificent when Applied Roofing is on your team! We love installing brand new roofs because we can make sure it is done the right way, the very first time.

Our highly experienced team can install, restore, rebuild, or replace any type of roof, from low-slope commercial roofing systems all the way to the most intricate residential designs with shingles, shakes, metal, slate and, of course, weather-appropriate coatings.
Why choose us?
We have been installing roofing products for nearly 30 years of combined experience. We only hire highly trained labor force. We treat our workers well, pay them well, and in return, our employees work hard every day to satisfy ALL customers and provide best quality possible.
It is our priority to satisfy every single customer. No project left behind. Ever. We will do impossible things to make you happy and proud as a customer because we are here to do business for a long time, and we'd like you to pass our name to all your friends and family. All references available upon request.
In order for the next generation to succeed, we must care about our environment today. Applied Roofing is using the latest eco-friendly technologies and installations along with environmentally safe products. Why? Because we care about future of our kids.
Applied Roofing is a fully insured and bonded company. All employees, operations, equipment and vehicles are insured with Liability, Workman Compensation and Umbrella high level policies. Bonding capacity allows us to perform higher magnitude projects.
Commercial Roofing Services
This modern solution replaces the old fashioned asphalt roof, which was prone to leaks very early in its lifespan. Achieving good seals was arduous and labor intensive, and, quite often, unsuccessful.

Membrane roofing, on the other hand, solves all of the intrinsic problems with the old system. It is either one continuous piece with no places for leaks to occur, or any seams are electronically welded, chemically bonded, or heat sealed in such a manner as to make them as strong as any other part of the membrane.

These systems are often lighter than the old fashioned asphalt roofing because modern materials are UV-resistant, and thus don't require that heavy layer of gravel to protect the asphalt from the sunlight. More importantly, modern membranes are thermally stable, meaning that they do not expand and contract or fail like old-fashioned asphalt.
    Stepping in to replace old-fashioned asphalt flattop roofing (low-slope) is the newer modified bitumen roofing. When asphalts are created, a lot of the natural plasticizers are removed. Specific modifiers are introduced to the asphalt to restore a lot of its characteristics. When combined with polyester or fiberglass reinforcement, it significantly strengthens the material and expands its capabilities.

    Some additives, such as styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), provide mechanical characteristics which allow it to remain flexible. It can expand in the heat of the day and contract in the cool of the night, without failing. Alternatively, sometimes the bitumen is treated with atactic polypropylene (APP) which makes it a lot more rubbery (though a little less flexible) and able to resist the effects of aging.

    This style of roll-roofing can be quite useful in many applications. As each roll is laid out, a second roll is overlapped at the seam and then joined. This can be by torch, where the pieces are melted together into a contiguous whole, by cold adhesive, or by hot asphalt application.

    Our experts can advise you whether this is the solution for you, and if so which choice is best for your situation.


    Metal roofing provides remarkable versatility in terms of style, strength, or design to meet your most demanding applications. It also possesses a very low lifecycle cost, so it is an economical choice as well. When combined with metal wall panels, it results in a very low-maintenance exterior that will look great for years!

    Whether it's a boarding stable/racetrack, resort hotel, public storage facility, or office building, metal roofing is a great investment. It's easy to integrate and match your neighbors, or add a bit of contrast color to draw a customer's eye.
    Copper has a self-healing ability which is quite remarkable. Scratches and abrasions form a beautiful patina (oxide, or copper "rust") in a shade of turquoise-green that behaves like a bandage, protecting the metal from further damage.

    Nowadays we use it for decorative purposes, sometimes protecting it with coatings so that it does not form a protective oxide sheath. It stays a bright and refined copper color. Centuries-old government buildings, museums, galleries, and even fine old homes used it because it was durable.

    Other than inspecting it periodically, it has almost no maintenance, so it is very cost-effective.

    At Applied Roofing we're quite talented with installing Artisan Metal Roofing products, so feel free to talk to one of our experts.
    Unless you have a degree in chemistry and/or structural engineering, making a decision about which type of roof coating is most suitable for your commercial building might not be much more than guesswork. The stress about making the right decision can be overwhelming.

    We at Applied Roofing are here to assure you that we will clearly describe all of your options; we will tell you the pros and cons of each solution; and most importantly, we will recommend the best solution for your particular needs.

    But even the simple things are important… If it's a matter of matching the aesthetic of the buildings around you, or if you need a white roof for energy savings, we can do that as well.

    In essence, we're here to solve problems—your problems—so talk to our experts today. We'll build a solution that is exactly right for you.

    There's a wide array of General Contractors that rely on our services. We happily work with architects, government bodies, and builders in all phases of construction. We make sure that your roof matches the needs and intentions of both the design plans, and you, the owners.

    We handle pitched roofs or flat (low slope systems) with equal ease. With our many years of experience you know everything will be done properly, according to building code, and meeting all safety requirements. We'll finish on-time, on-budget, and with the absolute minimum of interference with your day-to-day operations.

    Our experts are happy to explain the best functional solution for any given challenge, as well as the most economical solution, if they're not one-and-the-same. We want to create the solution that you need, at a price you can afford, at the time when you actually require it.
    What could be worse than a roof leak? Admittedly there are a few things, but water raining down onto millions of dollars' worth of warehoused goods, onto the main work floor of a factory with plenty of electrical equipment, or pouring into your computer room and putting your entire company's data at risk is still high on the list.

    We can dispatch a roofing crew within a very short period of time.

    No job too small for us. We can locate and secure any leak out there.

    Please call our Service Department or contact us through website contact form.
    Residential Roofing Services
    Roof replacement can be an intimidating process. There are so many questions and considerations, such as "how much will it cost?", "what is the best shingle to use?" and "how am I going to afford it?"

    We want to ease your concerns. At Applied Roofing, we have both the experience and the expertise to answer all of your questions. We can show you economical solutions to stretch your budget as far as possible, solutions to enhance your home's curb-appeal (and potentially add thousands to your sale price), or long-term solutions for an estate-style home that will be passed down through the generations.

    We are not a small fly-by-night outfit that is out to make a fast buck; we're not a huge country-spanning firm where you are just an account number and a string of dollar signs. We're just the right size to have the capability to tackle your job while staying focused on personal, friendly service.

    When Applied Roofing works on your roof, it is the most important roof in the world to us, just like it is to you!

    Despite the vast array of alternate technologies and style choices, asphalt shingles remain the number one choice with most homeowners. It's easy to understand why. If your roof is starting to show its age and you can't see yourself staying in your current home for much more than five or 10 years, a low-cost 3-tab shingle might be the exact solution you're looking for. It's both serviceable and economical.

    An attractive mid-range architectural shingle would certainly look better, and could add thousands of dollars to your asking price when you do eventually sell. Of course, a high-end architectural shingle will undoubtedly boost the curb-appeal of your home, and allow you to set your listing price even higher.

    Naturally, high-end architectural shingles last much longer than your economical 3-tab shingles. They are also often designed to look like expensive slate, a warm and inviting cedar shake, or just multi-hued asphalt, with variable thickness to cast eye-catching shadow, and create depth.

    We deal with all the major manufacturers, such as GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and more. We will advise you on what is best for your climate, what will do the job, or what will boost your resale value, so you can make the best decision for your needs.


    Generally made out of cedar, cypress, or redwood, wooden shakes and shingles are an attractive alternative to asphalt.

    Shakes used to be hand-cut by froe and hammer. Modern shakes are frequently sewn or machine-split, but retain the features of the original by being thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom, like an elongated wedge.

    While wooden shakes and shingles are probably the least durable system commonly used for roofs, their natural beauty and appearance still makes them a popular choice and add perceived value to your home.

    The oils in these woods make them an undesirable and deadly home for insects. Combined with the wood's natural resistance to UV radiation, it's natural insulation characteristics, and its weather resistance, the reasoning for this particular choice becomes easier to understand.

    Installing metal roofing is like an ancient knight putting on his armor. It might seem like a very thin layer, but it offers a lot of protection and mitigates a lot of damage.

    Removing the old asphalt and replacing it with metal takes a huge structural load off of your house.

    Whether made from copper, steel, or aluminum, metal roofing can contain a high percentage of recycled material, making it one of the most environmentally responsible choices. Both copper and aluminum protect themselves by creating a thin patina of oxide (which is responsible for that beautiful turquoise-green of ancient copper), so even if they're scratched they simply repair themselves. Steel can be coated and distressed to resemble any roofing surface—so you get the durability of metal—but the appearance of more traditional materials.

    Add to that the superior insulation value of metal, and you can achieve a 40% reduction of cooling costs in the summer and a 15% reduction of heating costs in the cooler weather. Metal roofing is what you would call a "win-win" scenario.

      Shale accumulates in sedimentary layers over millennia; they gradually metamorphose into resilient and strong rock that can be split into very thin sheets that we call slate. Slate can be found on every continent, though premium textures and colors might be confined to specific locations such as (for example) Vermont or New Jersey.

      For those who live in areas prone to forest fires, slate is a fine roofing material because it is, after all, rock making it completely fireproof. As an added bonus it is virtually impervious to hail.

      Granted, they're somewhat more expensive but, for a generational home that will be passed down from one family member to the next, it represents a huge saving over the decades and centuries to come. And there is no doubt that it adds elegance and value to any home lucky enough to be so equipped!

      The natural look seems to be dominating new roofing at the moment, but people are still looking for a long-term solution for their roofing needs. Repurposed plastic can be made completely UV-resistant (Ultraviolet), and fire-resistant. It can be designed, colored, and textured to stand in for virtually anything you could imagine. It's a great way to keep this valuable plastic out of our landfills—which also makes you environmentally responsible.

      Imagine the enhanced curb-appeal of synthetic slate, looking for all-the-world like the real thing, but only a fraction of the cost. Do you love the look of cedar shingles or shakes, but don't want to have to deal with their relatively short lifespan? Synthetic wooden shingles or shakes would be the answer for you.

      Click on the Free Quote Form and let us know that you're interested. We'll be more than happy to tell you about all the options that are available to you.

      Perhaps you own a duplex or a triplex. Whether you live there yourself, or whether it's strictly an income property, it's vitally important to protect this investment. A shabby roof not only decreases the property value, but can be reflected in the prices you can charge and the likelihood of obtaining tenants.

      Call Applied Roofing for a complimentary assessment. Let's make sure that your property remains habitable and attractive, and continues to generate income for years to come.

      Personal information is never shared
      Being a responsible contractor, there is nothing more important to us than adhering to standard safety practices. In Applied Roofing, we live and breathe safety because we care. We care for our employees and their families, our suppliers and subcontractors, we care for the environment, and most of all, we care for the community that we operate in.

      As a company in the construction industry, we work with construction materials and equipment that if not handled properly, can cause loss of property, injury to personnel, or even death. Every accident in the work place will have financial impact. However, finances are the least of our concerns when it comes to accidents. Injury and loss of human life are the top concerns. Money can be recovered, but a human life cannot and this is the reason why we strictly adhere to safety regulations in every project from start to finish.

      At Applied Roofing, employee health and safety is taken very seriously. As such, we have established training programs that will ensure that all of our employees are aware of the standard safety practices from the moment that he or she walks onto the job site to the moment that they leave for home.

      In order for a company to comply with safety methods, it needs to be certified in some aspects by a certification giving body. Following is an example of the few certifications that Applied Roofing holds:

      • OHSA 30 Hours Certifications

      • Heavy Equipment Safety and Operation Certifications

      • Supplier's Safety Certifications
      Our Pledge to Environment
      Every responsible construction enterprise can do plenty things to protect the environment. As our company faces the challenge of preserving it, we also strive to raise public awareness of the dangers faced due to a degrading environment and the methods everyone can participate to help the process. For this reason, we created the REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE Program and this challenge is tackled three different ways:

      • Reducing the amount of energy consumed and amount of the greenhouse gas emissions. Since some of the biggest energy consumers today are buildings, there is necessity to create buildings that are environmentally friendly in every way possible. Newly designed and constructed buildings need to be able to consume less energy thereby producing less greenhouse emissions.

      • Recycling construction materials and debris. Most construction projects will produce a variety of pollutants that will harm the environment. We realize that it is imperative that construction materials and debris that can pollute the air and water supplies, therefore they should be minimized as much as possible and recycled properly.

      • Reducing construction costs to the lowest possible levels. By carefully designing and constructing the building, we are able to reduce construction costs without sacrificing the stability of the structure and the comfort of its occupants. Reducing construction costs is an important accomplishment in itself as it means that fewer natural resources are consumed. This also translates into major energy savings.

      By engaging in environmentally friendly construction processes, we noticed that there are numerous positive effects. The buildings that are designed and constructed by Applied Roofing contribute to the overall wellness of its occupants and the community. There are minimal changes to the natural surroundings and most of all, less energy is consumed during the course of development and the building's lifecycle.

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